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Varifocals and Neck Pain

Varifocals and Neck Pain - The Osteopathic Practice

Varifocals are a Jack-of-all-trades and master of none!

Although many people find that Varifocals improve their lives tremendously, there are two large groups of people who can have real problems with them:

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Hot Desk Syndrome

Hot Desk Syndrome - The Osteopathic Practice

Employees are now encouraged to use laptops at undesignated desk sites in the office or at home, called ‘hot desks’. It is also known as 'Hot Desking'.

Unfortunately, laptops are poorly designed for use as the main work interface; if the laptop keyboard is in a good position to type, then the screen is far too low to view it properly.  If you sit with your head bent forward looking down at a screen it will, in time, cause chronic neck pain and headaches: 'Hot Desk Syndrome'

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