The Osteopathic Practice

Mrs S.H., Leamington

Jane is great because she doesn't just 'crunch' my back. She is really knowledgeable about all aspects of lifestyle and health, and with treatments like acupuncture she treats the whole self, not just the bit that hurts. 

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P.B., Leamington Spa

I have known Jane for well over 25 years. Over that period she has repaired the abuse that I put into my body on more occasions than I care to remember.  The practice provides flexible, friendly, specialist services that are invaluable to sportsmen like myself.

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Mr M. S., Leamington

Mr M S Leamington Spa

It had to happen sooner or later!... Over the years my mountain biking pastime has been getting more serious; getting quicker, riding rougher, tougher terrain and taking more risks... I've fallen off numerous times before, but this time I didn't bounce! I went over the handle bars and landed on my shoulder, snapping my collarbone.

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Ms C.B., Leamington

I love playing my sport and would not be fit to continue to play without expert osteopathic treatment from the Practice since 1998. Jane and Neil have managed my back condition not only through treatment but lots of advice on lifestyle do’s and don’ts to prolong my mobility, always with the message that one day I will need surgery.

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Mr B.C., Leamington

I was treated by Jane for work related, neck pain.  Jane diagnosed that my problem was due to the use of hot desks, whereby I am required to use different desks every time I work at remote offices. 

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Mrs S.J.W., Coventry

After sustaining a neck injury in a bad plane landing in 2008 I suffered with severe neck pain and migraine like headaches for years and was diagnosed with a torn disk in my upper neck.  

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M.T., Marton

The treatment I have received and an still receiving from Jane O'Connor is excellent. Jane's expertise and kindness and always there to greet me. Manager Bruce and Receptionist Wendy makes me feel very welcome. You can guarantee a smile and a cheerful word.

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