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M.A.B., Leamington Spa

10 years ago I visited my GP, I had hurt my back, I didn’t want to take pills and asked my GP if he knew someone who could manipulate my back. He told me to go to try Jane O’Connor’s practice.

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K.R. Leamington Spa

Jane & Neil are fantastic!  My back pain was terrible and through massage, manipulation and acupuncture it was alleviated almost immediately.  Their professional and friendly approach helped me feel better too.  I would highly recommend The Osteopathic Practice. 

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Low-Level Laser for a Broken Collar Bone

I broke my left collar bone in a fall at home last October. As I am a violinist I was concerned that my collar bone and associated muscles healed correctly and as soon as possible so that I would be able to play again. I had attended the Fracture clinic at Warwick Hospital, but my daughter suggested I should also see an osteopath.

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J.S., Warwick

After what seemed a lifetime of back pain, my Pilates teacher recommended Jane - I am now getting my life back - my only regret is that I didnt come here years ago. 

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LBK, Leamington

I arrived with neck pain. Jane listened;  asked questions; accurately diagnosed my problem then set about treating it. After my first visit I left feeling better than I would have believed possible.

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H.C., Leamington Spa

Jane O’Connor is a highly qualified, gifted Osteopath who inspires trust in her patients. Her self-evident belief in, and commitment to her work is evidenced by her continued training in new  therapies, treatments and practices.

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L.O., Leamington

I’ve had a back and neck injury for years and Jane has always been there to sort my knots out. I should come more often - but work commitments – but when I have she makes my back and neck work again. Thank you always Jane.

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Fantastic Treatment, I tried others before but not great results, but Jane's treatments are great - Full diagnosis, and a range of treatments from hands and lasers. I cant recommend her enough. 

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The Osteopathic Practice
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