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Osteopathic Treatment of Dogs

Osteopathic Treatment of Dogs

Causes of joint injuries in dogs:

  • Boisterous playing in puppyhood or, from having been walked too far or too often before their bones have properly formed.
  • Working and agility dogs can be particularly susceptible to strains and sprains of joints and tendons.
  • Overweight dogs develop hip and shoulder arthritis, which is very painful and can shorten their active life or make them irritable and ‘snappy’.
  • Existing injuries and old age can lead to joint degeneration and arthritis.
  • Some breeds of dogs with long spines (eg. Daschunds and Corgis) can develop lumbar problems and disc herniation.
  • Inappropriate games of ‘tug-of-war’, over-tight collars or violent pulling on dogs’ leads can cause serious neck and cervical disc problems.


  • In the same way that massage, manipulation and electrotherapies can reduce pain and relieve stiffness in humans, it can be equally as effective in dogs.
  • Low level laser is particularly helpful in accelerating healing in all types of tissue eg: cuts and skin injuries as well as tendon, muscle and ligament damage. It is quick, safe and painless, and well tolerated by dogs, cats and horses alike.
  • Old dogs can become arthritic; gentle manipulation of their muscles and joints can help them enjoy a more active, independent life for longer.

Dogs can only be seen with a written referral from their veterinarian.

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