The Osteopathic Practice

J.G. Leamington Spa

I have had 2 treatments with Jane for a very stiff neck with trapped nerves causing headaches. Jane has alleviated a lot of the problems but I tried the NovoTHOR. My neck muscles feel more relaxed and I can turn my head more to the left side. It was a very relaxing and pleasant experience.

E.L. Southam

NovoTHOR has been excellent for my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia and for my migraines. I feel so much more relaxed, I experience less pain, and have more energy. It’s even improved my immune system, sleep and my mood. It is soooo much more relaxing and efficient than massage. It works better in the first place and […]

F B Burton on Trent

I have received the most amazing treatment from Jane and, with the help of the NovoTHOR, the spasticity in my left leg due to my Multiple Sclerosis has lessened by at least 70%. This is amazing!

A.B.D Leamington

I very much enjoy coming for my NovoTHOR sessions because, quite apart from the health benefits, I always get a sense of peace and tranquillity. No matter how stressful my day is, coming here with a warm and professional welcome, it’s always great. When I am on the bed, I get the most restful 20 […]

D.S. Solihull

Everything was explained to a great level of detail. I’m mildly claustrophobic but that wasn’t triggered at all. I will be booking very regular sessions. Thank you. D.S. Solihull

S. D. Harbury

Knee replacement/NovoTHOR Testimonial “Having recently had knee replacement surgery, both the physiotherapists and post-operative nursing staff have been surprised at my rate of recovery and the level of flexibility my knee has after just 17 days. The combination of exercises and NovoTHOR Whole-Body Red Light sessions both pre and post operation have made a significant […]

J F P Leamington

“I have 3 serious medical conditions, all of which cause acute fatigue. I recently had a very bad fall and discontinued my Red Light Therapy for 4 weeks. During this time I noticed a very considerable rise in my fatigue levels. I hadn’t fully acknowledged the extent of the benefit my twice weekly light therapy […]

LT Leamington Spa

“Ever since using NovoTHOR I feel better in myself. I have gone back to an exercise class and had no aches or pains.  My knee is holding up well too. Many thanks.”

S.W. Weston under Wetherly

“I had emergency surgery which left me with a huge scar on my abdomen and a serious inability to walk due to upper thigh pain. Jane recommended NovoTHOR, it is the best decision I made. It’s healed and helped me fabulously. Thank you.”

J. C. Leamington Spa

“The deep heat NovoTHOR treatment is, for me, extremely relaxing and therapeutic. I find my muscles and joints are less painful and more supple. It is particularly beneficial for my neck vertebra pain and enables my back to bend and move much more smoothly and eases discomfort. A really great help for me.”