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It had to happen sooner or later!…

It had to happen sooner or later!… Over the years my mountain biking pastime has been getting more serious; getting quicker, riding rougher, tougher terrain and taking more risks… I’ve fallen off numerous times before, but this time I didn’t bounce! I went over the handle bars and landed on my shoulder, snapping my collarbone.

I heard of low-level laser surgery whilst on mountain bike training course I did a couple of years ago. The coach’s son had broken his hand and with the help of the surgery was making a speedier than normal recovery. So I decided it would be worth looking into. I am self employed graphic designer so getting back to work ASAP was a big concern.

I found Jane O’Connor & Associates Osteopaths via a Google search and gave them a call. After a half hour consultation I decided to give it a go. I booked six 20 minute sessions spread over two weeks. My first session was around a week or so after the injury. Each treatment was completely painless and actually felt quite good as it helped massage the muscles around the break which obviously had had substantial trauma to them.

I actually managed to get back to work after the 1st or second treatment (by getting taxis & lifts from friends), as I work at a desk I could use this to help support my arm… after the 4th session I was out of my sling! I felt comfortable and strong enough to support my arm myself and the bruising around the break was starting to disperse.

I had another X-ray after around 6 weeks after the injury at the hospital to see how things were going, although the bones were still in their early stages of regenerating, the surgeon was quite surprised I had so much movement & strength back in my shoulder.

I really think the Low Level Laser & Ultrasound treatment helped with the healing process of my injury. I would highly recommend it to anyone involved in a similar accident, be it mountain biking, motorcross or any sport related misdemeanour! Although I wasn’t back riding for around 2 months after the injury, it helped me get comfortable enough to get back to work swiftly and keep earning while my bones repaired themselves in due course.

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