The Osteopathic Practice

NovoTHOR Red Light Therapy

KW (83 years) Leamington

“For a considerable length of time I have suffered extreme pain with complex back issues. As a very active older person I hated the interrupted sleep and the limitations this placed on my activities. Then I discovered the NovoTHOR red light treatment. From the very beginning there was a significant impact on pain levels. With fewer spasms I slept better and was more relaxed in the day. The treatment built up and has now achieved a very high level of pain relief, and greater mobility.

My life has returned to near normal. The system cannot reverse serious damage, but for me it has been transformative and each time I experience increased confidence in the improvement. The experience itself is very tranquil and I find now that I move into a meditative mode during the 15 minutes – and look forward to the gradual warmth of the lasers.”