The Osteopathic Practice

NovoTHOR Red Light Therapy

L. W. Leamington

Long Covid Testimonial – I have been unwell with Long Covid for the last two years. I have tried many different treatments throughout this time and since March I have been having Novothor red light therapy. For the first six weeks of therapy I had sessions twice weekly then going to once a week.

Initially for the first three to four sessions I felt more fatigued afterwards however this reaction then passed. I also found that during my first session the lights seemed incredibly bright and I felt very hot. However, I have adjusted to the brightness and have no issues at all now not even needing to wear the glasses. I no longer get too hot either as the clinic always ensure I have the cooling fan on full for my session and open the window for me, the staff are very helpful and accommodating.

I feel the treatment is definitely helping me with recovery, mainly with increased energy levels. I feel the increase in energy level is maintained between sessions. Also I think the therapy helps to lift my mood which is also very beneficial. I would definitely recommend anyone who has long covid to try the therapy.