The Osteopathic Practice

NovoTHOR Red Light Therapy

M.D. Harbury

“I have a number of chronic health issues – spinal stenosis, which has resulted in two spinal surgeries and left me with nerve problems in my legs and feet; an immune illness which ended in long-term steroids, and osteoarthritis in a number of joints.

I’ve often said I needed a whole body treatment! So when I consulted Jane over yet another issue, this time with my shoulder, she suggested NovoTHOR Red Light treatment, I felt I had nothing to lose. When I left the practice after the first treatment, I felt I had more energy than I’d had for a long time.

My husband comments on my changed body posture and improved energy levels after a treatment. My shoulder problem has eased and, although I still have my variety of issues, a regular NovoTHOR session has significantly improved my quality of life”.