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S.B. Coventry

I visited Jane after suffering with a very painful shoulder which was making me feel weak and frail, as well as knocking my self-confidence. I was really feeling my age. Jane told me I was suffering from muscle depletion and suggested I find a personal trainer to help rebuild my muscles. This really fed my anxieties as I have never been or enjoyed physical exercise. I had an initial consultation with Dave Grant at the Village Hotel Coventry who went through everything and alleviated my fears.

I now go to the gym and train 1 hour per week. Dave is at my side the whole time explaining how to do the exercises and use the machines (cross trainer, bike, treadmill, weights, etc.) Over the weeks I have grown in confidence, feel younger and my muscles are firming up.

Following my experiences I would urge any lady to take up exercising (I am 72) and rebuild their bodies. I can only thank Jane and Dave for their expertise and patience in giving me a more positive future.