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What is NovoTHOR?

NovoTHOR® uses red and near-infrared light to treat your entire body. While drugs hide pain by interfering with chemical signals. NovoTHOR actually relieves the source of the pain, treating muscles and joints.

It’s used by pioneering doctors, clinics, and sports teams around the world. The science has been around for a while, but the technology to deliver the treatment is new — it’s got some amazing applications.

How does it work?

Photobiomodulation takes advantage of how the body reacts in a positive way to specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light.

When you think about it, it’s not that surprising — everyone knows that light has an effect on the human body. Sunlight helps with Vitamin D synthesis. UV light causes a reaction in melanin, changing the colour of our skin. Blue light is used to treat neonatal jaundice.

NovoTHOR – Science. Not magic!

Photobiomodulation, also known as Red Light Therapy, previously known as Low Level Laser Therapy has a photochemical effect (like photosynthesis in plants).

One of the main mechanisms of action occurs in the mitochondria (the cellular power plant inside every cell).

The effect depends on the application of the correct wavelength and density of light, delivered to the tissues for an appropriate period of time.

The primary effect occurs when light is absorbed in cytochrome c oxidase, a protein within the mitochondria.

When cells get stressed (due to disease, injury or ageing) the mitochondria produce nitric oxide.

This displaces oxygen from cytochrome c oxidase, reducing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) (an essential intracellular energy source and extracellular signalling molecule), causing an over production of reactive oxygen species, leading to oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is known to cause inflammation and cell death.

Red Light Therapy of the correct wavelength and density, detaches nitric oxide allowing oxygen back in.

ATP is restored and oxidative stress reduced.

Once normal mitochondrial function is restored by red light therapy cell metabolism is improved, and your injured tissues get better more quickly.

NovoTHOR Red Light Therapy

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Friday – Saturday: Due to increased energy costs, opening times will be variable. The practice will only be open when we have NovoTHOR patients.

NovoTHOR Questionnaire:

If you do not require Osteopathic treatment but wish to have NovoTHOR therapy ONLY, please fill in this questionnaire and bring it with you to your first appointment. You CANNOT have NovoTHOR if you are pregnant, or if you have an active cancer, or are receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy. You may be able to have hand-held Low-Level Laser instead.
Please telephone the practice 01926 335932 for advice.

The benefits of NovoTHOR

  • Improves muscle performance both strength and endurance.
  • Helps prevent DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).
  • Improves joint mobility.
  • Relaxes muscles and muscle spasm.
  • Relieves muscle and joint aches, pains and stiffness.
  • Relieves pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.
  • Improves peripheral circulation.

NovoTHOR is a registered trademark of THOR Photomedicine, LTD.


  • NovoTHOR is a non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical option. In light of the opioid crisis, this can be a strong selling point for people seeking pain relief, from both chronic and acute conditions.
  • Restoration of motion to joints
  • Recovery is a broad term, it applies to both healthy people and those facing health struggles. You will benefit from faster, better recovery.
  • NovoTHOR is a relaxing and gentle treatment.
  • One of the great things about NovoTHOR is that it treats the entire body, which is excellent for people who have multiple health challenges, or people who find that their health challenge has systemic effects.
NovoTHOR Testimonials
NovoTHOR Testimonials
NovoTHOR Red Light Bed
NovoTHOR Red Light Bed

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